Circuit Board Specifications Maximum Panel size: 19" x 22"
Maximum Number of Layers: 1-12
Copper Thickness: 0.5 oz to 4.0 oz
Minimum Line Width: 3 mil
Minimum Line spacing: 4mil
Smallest Hole: 0.010”
Minimum SMD Spacing: 0.1”
Minimum Thickness of Finished Board: 0.031” for 1-4 layers ; 0.062” for 6-12 layers
Maximum Thickness of Finished Board: 0.125”
Accuracy of Outline: ±0.005”
Registration Accuracy: ±0.003”
Tolerance of Board Flatness: 10mil
Material FR-4
High TG FR-4
Aluminum Base
Specialized material per your request
Solder Mask LPI or - Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, White, etc. (Inquire for more options)
Plugged Vias
Final Finishes SMOBC (HASL)
Lead-Free HASL
Immersion Gold
Immersion Silver
Immersion Tin
Peelable Mask
Carbon Print
Hard Gold for Tab
Legend White, Yellow, Black (Inquire for more options)
Inspection Methods 100% Visual inspection
Electrical testing
Sample lot inspection
Cross sectioning